Community and Corporate Organisation Policy & Scrutiny Panel

The Panel has the following matters within its remit:- Recreational Services; The Local Strategic Partnership; Community Safety; Crime and Disorder (in accordance with the requirements of the Police and Justice Act 2006); Public Protection Services; Corporate Organisation Within its remit the Panel will: i) review and/or scrutinise decisions made or actions taken in connection with the discharge of any of the Council's functions ii) make reports and/or recommendations to the full Council and/or the Executive and/or Joint or Area Committee in connection with the Council's policy iii) consider any matter affecting the area or its inhabitants iv) exercise the right to call-in, for reconsideration, decisions made but not yet implemented by the Executive

Meeting Date: 25/03/14

                    Meeting Date: 21/01/14

                                Meeting Date: 26/11/13

                                                      Meeting Date: 17/09/13

                                                                  Meeting Date: 18/06/13