of the Extraordinary Meeting of the


Tuesday 28th June 2005

held at the Town Hall, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.


Meeting Commenced:  9.22 p.m.   Meeting Concluded: 9.28 p.m.       


Present:  Councillors  Bob Cook (Chairman), Roz Willis (Vice-Chairman), Elfan Ap Rees, Felicity Baker, Ian Baker, Bob Bateman, Michael Bell, Jeremy Blatchford, Nick Brown, Peter Bryant, Mark Canniford, John Clark, Andy Cole, Robert Coleman, Alan Cotton, John Crockford-Hawley, Isabel Cummings, Glyn Duck, Carl Francis-Pester, Jon Gething, Colin Golland, Jenny Gosden, Ann Harley, Alan Hockridge, Michael Johnston, Peter Kehoe, Derek Kraft, Muriel Kraft, Tony Lake, Tom Leimdorfer, Ron Moon, George Morris, Michael Nobes, John Norton-Sealey, Mari Owens, Ian Parker, Hugh Parsons, Robert Payne, Ian Peddlesden, Ian Porter, Howard Roberts, Michael Roe, David Shopland, Richard Skinner, Bob Steadman, Chanel Stevens, Sally Tabrett, Audrey Telling, James Tonkin, Richard Tucker, Barry Walters, Clive Webb, Elizabeth Wells, Andy Wright, Deborah Yamanaka.


Apologies for absence:  Councillors Nigel Ashton, Ian Bates, Astra Brand, Peter Burden, Greta Lewis, Arthur Terry.




 Report and matter referred from the Executive

14th June 2005 (Agenda Item 10)


Minute EXE 18 – Annual review of the Constitution (second group of recommendations, confirmation of the change of name of the Council and the Administrative County of North Somerset)


Motion:   Moved by Councillor Hockridge, seconded by Councillor Roe and


Resolved:   that the second group of recommendations, below, be approved and adopted.


Recommendations of the Executive -


“That in response to the request of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister –


(1)     it be reconfirmed that the intention of the resolution of the Council meeting held on 11th July 1995 was to change the name of the District to “North Somerset” on 1st April 1996, immediately after it was named North West Somerset by the Avon (Structural Change) Order 1995 (SI 1995/493);


(2)     the name of the county be changed to “North Somerset”; and


(3)     the Solicitor to the Council send notice of the above to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and other relevant bodies.”


(Voting: no Members voted against.)