Item 5.1



11th March 2008


Draft Extract






Quarter 3 Finance and Performance Monitoring 2007/08 (Agenda Item 13(1))


The Director of Finance and Resources and the Chief Executive Officer presented a report.


Members discussed a number of performance indicators and related matters including the financial effects of deleting essential user car allowances, the anti bullying policy, progress on reducing staff sickness absence, progress on improving library standards. A non-Executive Member asked about the apparent changes in the appraisal scheme for Directors and Assistant Directors and how minority Political Groups were involved in the new process. She was advised that, following the appraisal of the Chief Executive Officer, it had been decided that it would be more advantageous to appraise the remaining officers by means of them discussing issues with the Executive.




(1)     that the Corporate Finance and Performance Monitor for the 2007/08 financial year, contained in the report, which identifies the overall position for budgets and performance targets as at 31st  December 2007 (Quarter 3), be noted;


(2)     that the service delivery achievements and the proposed actions to improve performance and mitigate variances, as set out in the report, be confirmed and approved;


(3)     that the report be referred to the Policy/Overview and Scrutiny Panels so that any areas of performance can be investigated further as part of their workplans; and


(4)    that the amendments to the Councils capital programme, as set out in the report, be approved.