Committee Report NSC

                                                                                 Item 6.1


Strategic Planning and Economic Development Policy and Panel – 19th May 2008                                                                


Work planning and ways of working

When identifying a topic for scrutiny involvement, the Panel should bear in mind some key principles:

1          Will the outcome make a difference?

2          What areas would benefit most from scrutiny involvement?

Scrutiny is most effective when focusing on a limited number of in-depth topics, so to help prioritise the items it may be useful to ask if the topic is…

      Of particular concern to residents?

      An area of poor performance?

      A corporate priority?

      An area that government is developing legislation?

      An area that could represent better value for money?

      Identified as strategic risk?

      Potential for policy development?


Members are reminded that a range of approaches can be considered, such as single issue agendas, individual panel members being assigned specific responsibilities, one-off workshops, site visits, or small working groups investigating a specific topic over a short period (but not ongoing sub-committees).