SPED Draft work plan

SPED work plan – May 2008


Area for investigation


(Broad title)




(What does the topic include?)




(Why should scrutiny consider?)




(suggested way for the panel to proceed)


Highways maintenance

  1. including: the quality of work undertaken by contractors, how long repairs last, the number of agencies digging up the road and minor repairs
  2. Transparency of what is prioritised, policy formulation and how money is spent
  3. How the public views input into policy

Concern to local people

Safety risk

Working group,


Clls Cook, Morris and Moulin

Start July 2007

Working group has been established and is looking into the issues.  To report back in May 2008.

106 agreements

How are the agreements assessed?

How will the local development framework influence future 106 spending?

Include town and parish council input

Transparency of development

To ensure that spending meets legal requirements and is in line with community needs.

Work with F&P to review the spreadsheet on 106 agreements


Working group met in August, work underway.  Reported back in December 2007. Response from Executive Members in February 2008. Working group to consider response and report to Panel in May 2008.


1 .Policy development

2.  Parking Strategy –Transfer of Parking Services 

3.      Parking outside built up areas

4.      To consider a register of applications for disabled parking bays

5.      Off-street parking


Corporate Aim 4 – Building Safer Communities


Significant public interest

Panel received an update report in September 2007, and decided to establish a working group to investigate the issue more fully. 

Reports received in December 2007 on parking policy and comments made.

Working Group (Cllrs. Webb, Pasley and Dr. Kellaway-Marriott) to investigate.

Investigations will start on this issue when they work has concluded on the 106 agreements.

Parking policy to be considered again early in 2008

Local employment opportunities and Weston regeneration

Substantive issue related to increased population through housing

Include consultation with Bristol City Council

Concern for residents and future economic development in Weston and surrounding areas.

Member working group


Sustainable travel

  1. Local transport plan (congestion charging)
  2. Policy development including:

- funding priorities for supported services

- quality of local transport and service awareness

- consistency of cycle paths

- pro-active development management

  1. Concessionary Travel added as a topic to be investigated
  2. Concerns about the potential additional cost to North Somerset of the national bus travel scheme for the elderly


Of significant interest to local people

Corporate aim 2:  Enhancing health and well-being and 3: Protecting and improving the environment

Joint scrutiny with other authorities.

Three members volunteered to represent SPED: Cllrs Webb, Morris and Kellaway-Marriot

Where applicable TBA with other local authorities

Finance and Performance quarterly report

Each quarter the Executive receive a report on the key corporate performance indicators (KCPIs) and the budget position.  These are referred to scrutiny panels and should then inform the work plan of the panel.

The panel should use the quarterly report as a means to interrogate performance to bring about improvement

Report to panel


Transport and Young People

Joint Transport and Young People Working Group established with Children and Young People’s Policy and Scrutiny Panel




Urban Extensions

Emerging Policies and Plans to meet the Regional Spatial Strategy requirement to accommodate two urban extension of approximately 10,000 houses each within a sustainable mixed use environment

Emerging Council Policy

Working Group with involvement of relevant Ward Members


Review of Portishead Open Air Pool

Review of all options with the aim of reducing the subsidy


Joint Working group with Community Services Policy and Scrutiny Panel (Cllrs. Roberts, Pasley, McMurray, Webb, Cook and Moulin)

Panel Chairs to liaise re: date of first working group meeting and timescale review




Area for investigation


(Broad title)




(What does the topic include?)




(Why should scrutiny consider?)




(suggested way for the panel to proceed)


Bristol Airport

Examine the local benefits and concerns surrounding the development.

Of significant interest to local people

This issue has the potential to have a huge impact on the people, landscape and infra structure of N-S. 

Members have received an initial briefing.  Now waiting on the outcome of submission of  plans. 

Waiting on submission of plans. 

Motorway Junctions

Specific points on the road such as crossings, junction 19 and 21.


The Panel are aware the Executive Member is looking at some of the issues.