NSC Letter

Date: 8th May 2008

My ref: DEJ

Your ref:

Contact: David Jellings

Direct dial: 01275 884219

Email: david.jelllings@n-somerset.gov.uk




** Supplementary despatch








Dear Sir or Madam


Strategic Planning and Economic Development Policy and Scrutiny Panel

Monday, 19th May 2008, 3.30 pm, Kenn Room, Town Hall


I refer to the agenda despatched for the above meeting.


Please attached for consideration, the following additional reference


Executive, 15th April 2008


5.3 Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document (EXE 135) (page 1)


Members are requested to refer to the agenda papers for the Executive Meeting held on 15th April 2008 (Item 10(2) refers) circulated to all Members of the Council to enable consideration of the reference.


Yours faithfully




Solicitor to the Council


To: Members of the Panel




Clive Webb (Chairman), David Pasley (Vice-Chairman), Bob Cook, Jill Iles, Ed Keating, Dr. Mike Kellaway-Marriott, Keith Morris, Tony Moulin