Item 5.3



Draft Extract


15th April 2008






Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document (Agenda Item 10(2))


Councillor Ap Rees and Councillor Peddlesden presented a report. Councillor Ap Rees referred to some late representations that had been received and he recommended that these be examined before a final decision were made.


Non-executive Members raised a number of issues. It was recognised that incrementalism, the progressive development of adjoining individual sites, needed to be avoided. The Council would aspire to meet the highest eco homes standard rating. On the question of social housing in villages, a Member stressed the need for local Members to have influence on developments and he cited the situation in his Ward where the amount of social housing that had been built was in excess of local need. Arising from this it was recognised that careful planning was required in situations where affordable housing was provided on an area away from the site being developed. Reference was made to the fixtures and fittings in affordable homes (page 97) and it was suggested that some the requirements, such as the provision of digital television connection, were excessive but it was also stated that a letter box should be provided. Another issue was the need to correctly assess the ratio of rented to shared ownership units so as to enable young people to gain access to the property ladder.


The Chairman requested non-Executive Members to pass their comments on the draft Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document to the relevant Executive Members.


Resolved:  that the draft Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document be deferred for consideration of the representations received and for consideration by the Adult Services and Housing Policy and Scrutiny Panel and the Strategic Planning and Economic Development Policy and Scrutiny Panel.