Item 5.1

West Area Committee


22nd May 2008


Draft Extract



Matters of local interest raised by Members (Agenda Item 5.8)


Councillor Collins raised the issue of street parking in new developments and referred to the problems experienced in East Ward. Referring to difficulties caused by the narrowness of some roads, Councillor Collins considered that more thought should be given to parking provision in new developments. 


Referring to the Local Plan policies Councillor Dr Kellaway-Marriott commented that these provided that poorly designed development proposals would be rejected.  He told Members that the policies also required adequate provision for emergency vehicles and for public transport. Referring to car parking standards he commented that there were instances where under- provision of car parking could be detrimental to road safety and/or local amenity and could thus have a negative impact on those areas concerned.


Referring to the introduction of ‘home-zones’ Councillor Creasey commented that these worked best when designed around small areas and were not effective in areas that were used as through runs. She also referred to the absence of parking restrictions leading to dangerous practices e.g. parking opposite road junctions.


Councillor Willis commented on the need for buggy stores to be taken into account.


Councillor Dr Kellaway-Marriott commented on the local plan policy requirements relating to the design of garages, where these were provided.  Councillor Dr Kellaway-Marriott felt that serious consideration should be given to the removal of permitted development rights for the conversion of integral garages and the formation of hardstandings, which tended to be finished in non-permeable materials with no provision for surface-water run-off.  Councillor Dr Kellaway-Marriott told Members that he was concerned about the possible demolition of historic walls.  He also commented on the need for secure cycle storage.


The officers responded to the points that had been raised during the discussion and referred to the challenges facing local authorities regarding the provision of increased housing densities, whilst at the same time encouraging design proposals that sought to reduce traffic speeds and therefore improve road safety.  It was suggested that Members might like to visit some of the most successful schemes together with the officers. Members were pleased to note that their concerns were being examined by the officers and had also been the subject of a report to the Executive Member the previous year. 


The Chairman Councillor Dr Kellaway-Marriott proposed that the minute extract be submitted to the Strategic Planning and Economic Development Policy and Scrutiny Panel for that Panel’s consideration as an item for inclusion on its work plan and Members concurred with this.