Committee Report NSC

                                                                           Item 7.2

North Somerset Council


REPORT TO THE Strategic Planning and economic development policy and scrutiny panel


Date of Meeting: 1 JULY 2008


Subject of Report: Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment


Town or parish: All


Officer/Member presenting: Michael Reep


Key Decision: NO





To consider and advise on completion of the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment.[J1] 


1.                Summary of Report


To prepare a Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment as part of the Local Development Framework to identify potential supply and sources of housing up to 2026.[J2] 


2.                Policy


The Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment is part of the evidence base supporting the Local Development Framework.


3.                Details


§       All Local Planning Authorities are required to prepare a Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment which is a technical assessment to support plan making.


§       The document identifies potential housing sites to accommodate housing numbers up to 2026, and contributes to a ‘rolling’ five year supply of deliverable housing sites.


§       The report forms a key part of the evidence base for the Local Development Framework.


§       The output from the Assessment (housing numbers from a variety of sources) feeds into a housing trajectory that demonstrates how North Somerset is set to achieve the required housing numbers up to 2026, currently indicated as 26,000 dwellings through the draft Regional Spatial Strategy.


§       The Assessment will not allocate sites; this will be the role of the relevant Development Plan Document.  Sites put forward in the report will not necessarily be granted planning permission, however if the Council cannot demonstrate a five year supply there will be pressure to release such sites in the context of the wider government agenda for increased housing.



4.                Consultation


A draft version of the Assessment was subject to a six week consultation from 14th[J4]  December 2007 to 31st January 2008, in order to agree on the methodology chosen and the findings of the report.  Individual sites identified to date were also open to comment and a ‘call for sites’ was sent out.  The Assessment has also been subject to SPED review back in July 2007


The Assessment had a limited response with responses coming mainly from Parish Councils and stakeholders with an interest in particular parcels of land.  A selection of sites has been put forward as part of this process.


5.                Financial Implications


None – produced from existing budgets.


6.                RISK MANAGEMENT


The Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment is needed to support the soundness of the Council’s Local Development Framework.  The lack of a robust Assessment could make the Council vulnerable to residential development proposals in the future.


7.                Equality Implications




8.                Corporate Implications


Supports the creating of sustainable development across North Somerset.


9.                Options considered


Government guidance sets out how the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment should be produced.




Marcus Hewlett, Planning Policy Officer x6331[J5] 


Background Papers


See attached draft Assessment.


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 [J1]The Recommendation must be clear and complete in itself, so it can be understood without needing cross reference to another document, and can be copied directly into the minutes.

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 [J2]Make a clear, brief statement summarising the decision or action needed, eg. “to decide/adopt/amend”

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 [J4]Summarise who has been consulted internally and externally eg., statutory, trades union, parish councils, ward members, other.  List response received.

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 [J5]Give the name, job title and telephone number of the person who actually wrote the report.