Item 5.1



9th September 2008







Quarter 1 Finance and Performance Monitoring 2008/09 (Agenda Item 13(1))


The Director of Finance and Resources and an officer representing the Chief Executive Officer presented a report.


The Director of Finance and Resources mentioned that there was a small but concerning overspend.


Members noted that 25 of the 27 performance indicators were on or above target. Two did not achieve target; one related to criminal injury crimes and the other to the speed of processing changes in housing benefit entitlement. Members noted that the latter may relate to technical issues with the definition and measurement of a new indicator but were also concerned to ensure accuracy in benefit processing.


Declaration of interest


A Member declared the interest below –


Councillor Dr. Kellaway-Marriott – personal interest in children’s centres arising from his position as a member of the Central Weston Children’s Centre Partnership Group.


Various expenditure heads were discussed including the costs involved in defending planning decisions.




(1)         that the Corporate Finance and Performance Monitor for the 2008/09 financial year, which identifies the overall position for budgets and performance targets as at 30th June 2008 (Quarter 1), be noted;                                                                                               

(2)         that the service delivery achievements and the proposed actions to improve performance and mitigate variances, as set out in the report, be  approved;                                                      


(3)         that the report be referred to the Policy/Overview and Scrutiny Panels so that any areas of performance can be investigated further as part of their workplans; and


(4)          that the amendments to the Council’s Capital Programme, as set out in the report, be approved.