SPED Draft work plan

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Strategic Planning and Economic Development Policy and Scrutiny Panel – 24th November 2008


Work Planning

When identifying a topic for scrutiny involvement, the Panel should bear in mind some key principals:

1          Will the outcome make a difference?

2          What areas would benefit most from scrutiny involvement?

Scrutiny is most effective when focusing on a limited number of in-depth topics, so to help prioritise the items it may be useful to ask if the topic is…

Ø      Of particular concern to residents?

Ø      An area of poor performance?

Ø      A corporate priority?

Ø      An area that government is developing legislation?

Ø      An area that could represent better value for money?

Ø      Identified as strategic risk?

Ø      Potential for policy development?

Ways of Working

Members are reminded that a range of approaches can be considered, such as single issue agendas, individual panel members being assigned specific responsibilities, one-off workshops, site visits, or small working groups investigating a specific topic over a short period (but not ongoing sub-committees).


SPED working plan – November 2008


1.       CURRENT WORK.. 1


3.       ONGOING ISSUES.. 6






Area for investigation

What does the topic include?

Why should panel consider?

How should panel proceed?


Highways maintenance

To further investigate the following areas:

Ø      The pricing structure which contractors use when charging the council.

Ø      Rights of way issues/footpath maintenance.

Ø      Keeping rural public roads safe incl. increasing awareness among rural population.

Ø      Concern to local people.

Ø      Safety risk.

Ø      Corporate Priority: “Improve the roads”.

Working group consisting of Cllrs Cook, Morris and Moulin.



1.      Off-street parking in town centres outside Weston

2.      The Council’s Parking Strategy, investigating whether a low cost transferred parking services system is possible. 

3.      A register of applications for disabled parking bays.

Ø      Significant public interest.

Working Group with the following members; Cllrs. Webb, Pasley and Dr. Kellaway-Marriott to look into Transferring of Parking Services.

Parking in town centres currently under review, Panel to investigate afterwards.

Working Group to convene January 2009 (when the urban extensions and Portishead Open Air Pool working groups have finished their work).

Urban Extensions and the Council’s Core Strategy

The Regional Spatial Strategy requires North Somerset to accommodate two urban extensions of 9,000 houses each. Panel to consider the following issues:

Ø      What type of development should we aim for?

Ø      How to ensure a sustainable mixed use environment?

Ø      How to deliver infrastructure, green space, public transport and facilities?

Ø      How to deliver environmentally friendly developments?

Ø      Emerging Council Policy – the Core Strategy.

Ø      Corporate priority to “ensure development is well planned, with a focus on creating quality facilities and employment opportunities”.

Ø      Corporate aim 5 “Increasing prosperity”.

Working Group consisting of Cllrs Pasley, Moulin, Webb, Dr Kellaway-Marriott and Cook, with involvement of relevant Ward Members.

Initial recommendations in October 2008 (urban extensions) and final recommendations in December 2008 (urban extensions and core strategy).

Review of Portishead Open Air Pool

Review of all options with the aim of reducing the subsidy.

Of concern to local residents.

Joint working group with Community Services Policy and Scrutiny Panel. Working group members: Cllrs Roberts, Pasley, McMurray, Webb, Cook and Moulin.

Will report to panel in December 2008.

S106 Contributions

How the Council prioritises and spends the S106 contributions from developers around the area, including how local councillors are involved in setting priorities for their area.

Large budget implications.

Ensuring that the Council’s allocation of means is in line with community needs.

Working group

Working group reported back in spring 2008.

Panel not happy with Executive response, so group to reconvene in November or December 2008 to discuss further actions.

Transport and Young People

Investigate whether bus services available to young people in North Somerset can be improved, including whether:

1)     young people, especially 16-17 yrs olds, can be offered a concession on their fares if they’re in full time education;

2)     there are sufficient busses servicing areas of North Somerset, particularly rural areas;

3)     there are any problems relating to running times.


Joint Transport and Young People Working Group established with Children and Young People’s Policy and Scrutiny Panel.

Working Group met 9 June 2008: Sustainable Transport Team to support Youth Parliament in preparing a survey. Draft survey to be presented to working group – not sure when.



Area for investigation

When were the recommendations to the Executive agreed?

Expect answer by (first panel meeting 2 months after recommendations were agreed)

Highways Maintenance

1 July 2008

1 September 2008



Area for investigation

What does the topic include?

Why should panel consider?

How should panel proceed?


Finance and Performance quarterly report

Each quarter the Executive receives a report on the key corporate performance indicators (KCPIs) and the budget position.  These are referred to scrutiny panels and should inform the Panel’s work plan.

The panel should use the quarterly report as a means to interrogate performance to bring about improvement.

Report to panel.


Sustainable travel

1.      Local transport plan (congestion charging)

2.      Policy development including:

Ø      Funding priorities for supported services.

Ø      Quality of local transport and service awareness.

Ø      Consistency of cycle paths.

Ø      Pro-active development management.

Ø      Of significant interest to local people.

Ø      Corporate priority: “Address environmental concerns”.

Ø      Corporate aim 2: “Enhancing health and well-being”.

Joint scrutiny with other authorities.

Three members volunteered to represent SPED: Cllrs Webb, Morris and Kellaway-Marriot.

Where applicable TBA with other local authorities.



Area for investigation

What does the topic include?

Why should panel consider?

How should panel proceed?


Weston Regeneration




Report on the Weston Package in September 2008.

Bristol International Airport

Examine the local benefits and concerns surrounding the expansion plans.

Ø      Of significant interest to local people.

Ø      The issue potentially has a huge impact on the people, landscape and infrastructure of North Somerset. 

Members have received an initial briefing.  Now waiting for the Airport to submit their plans. 

Awaiting submission of plans. 

Motorway Junctions

Specific points on the road such as crossings and junction 19 and 21.


The Panel is aware that the Executive Member is looking at some of these issues. 






To consider in November 2008