West Area Committee

                                                                      Item 5.3

West Area Committee


13th November 2008


Draft Extract




Matters of Local Interest Raised by Members (Agenda Item 5.5)


The Chairman Councillor Dr Kellaway-Marriott drew Members’ attention to the development of future policies in the context of the Replacement Local Plan.  Councillor Dr Kellaway-Marriott referred to a paper he had circulated on the North Somerset Replacement Local Plan and the Local Development Framework Core Strategy.  Councillor Dr Kellaway-Marriott then introduced Michael Reep, Planning Policy Manager, who explained the Local Development Framework processes.  Michael Reep told Members that the Core Strategy would be considered by the Executive in February 2009 and referred to a forthcoming Member Seminar on this matter.


Michael Reep then responded to questions from Members.


Councillor Mrs Creasey commented that she found it disturbing that the authority should be dictated to by Central Government on future development in relation to North Somerset and she felt that areas other than those proposed in the Core Strategy could be considered. 


Councillor Dr Kellaway-Marriott commented that he was disappointed with the draft Regional Spatial Strategy and urged Members to contribute as the debate on that Strategy continued.


Referring to the abundance of drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres within the town Councillor Peter Bryant commented that Weston-super-Mare had huge problems.  He told Members that it also had one of the highest areas of deprivation in the country.  Welcoming the opportunity to highlight problems within the town Councillor Bryant urged Members to point out where the problems lay through effective representations on the Core Strategy.


Thanking Members for their contribution to the discussion Councillor Dr Kellaway-Marriott proposed that the minute extract be referred to the Strategic Planning and Economic Development Policy and Scrutiny Panel for consideration of the issues raised under the appropriate items on its Work Plan, and to respond to the Area Committee in due course.  Members concurred. 


Councillor Dr Kellaway-Marriott invited the Planning Policy Manager to give a short presentation to both the Area Committee’s January and February meetings, which would then be followed by a brief discussion.