6th January 2009


Draft Extract






Reports and matters referred from the Executive

16th December 2008 (Agenda Item 13)


Minute EXE 90 – Draft Revenue and Capital Budgets 2009/10 and further update on financial position 2010/11 and 2011/12


Motion:  Moved by Councillor Ashton and seconded by Councillor Ap Rees –


“That the draft Revenue and Capital Budgets for 2009/10, contained in

the report submitted to the Executive, be considered by the Policy/Overview and Scrutiny Panels.”


Councillor Ashton made a statement in support of his Motion. He expressed appreciation to the staff in respect of the Council’s outstanding performances in Children and Young People’s Services and Adult Social Services and Housing and for achieving proposed Budget reductions for 2009/10.


Councillor Lake made a statement on the Capital Programme.


Members thanked Councillor Ashton for his work on the Budget.


Councillor Leimdorfer moved an amendment, seconded by Councillor Shopland, that contained amendments to the Budget (contained in Appendix 2 of these minutes). The Leader of the Council advised him that he should arrange for this to be presented separately to the Policy/Overview and Scrutiny Panels. The Solicitor to the Council advised on the legal process for preparing the Budget. Councillor Leimdorfer then withdrew his amendment with the consent of his seconder.


Resolved:  that the Motion be approved and adopted.