SPED Draft work plan

SPED Policy and Scrutiny Panel, 27th April 2009 – Item 6

SPED Work Plan – March 2009


The panel will consider issues of significant public concern, areas of poor performance, and areas where members think the council could provide better value for money.



Area for investigation

What does the topic include?

Why should panel consider?

How should panel proceed?









Area for investigation/


When were the recommendations to the Executive agreed?

Expect answer by (first panel meeting 2 months after recommendations were agreed)

That the council produces a Swimming Pool Strategy for all of North Somerset by April 2009 to help review the management of assets, consider how pools should be provided in the future and plan for such provision.

2 December 2008

The Executive Member is awaiting the outcome of the Cultural Services Review before he can respond to the panel’s recommendation.




Panel Recommendation

Date of Executive’s response

Executive actions – implementation progress

Improve member/community involvement in allocation of S106 monies

Spring 2008

Panel not happy with parts of the Executive response, and during winter 2008/09 members also experienced that some recommendations had not been implemented. Original working group to reconvene in April 2009 to discuss further actions.




Area for investigation

What does the topic include?

Why should panel consider?

How should panel proceed?


Employment and economic development

The council has plenty policies and strategies stating that we want employment /led development and generally provide more quality jobs locally. But:

Ø      What does the council do to attract employers, including big retailers?

Ø      What kind of jobs should we look to attract? How do current jobs match residents’ skills?

Ø      Council aim: increasing prosperity

Ø      Council priority: ensure development is well planned with a focus on creating quality facilities and employment opportunities.



Highways maintenance

To further investigate the following areas:

Ø      The pricing structure which contractors use when charging the council.

Ø      Rights of way issues/footpath maintenance.

Ø      Keeping rural public roads safe incl. increasing awareness among rural population.

Ø      Concern to local people.

Ø      Safety risk.

Ø      Corporate Priority: “Improve the roads”.

Working group consisting of Cllrs Cook, Morris and Moulin.



1.      Off-street parking in town centres outside Weston

2.      The Council’s Parking Strategy, investigating whether a low cost transferred parking services system is possible. 

3.      A register of applications for disabled parking bays.

Ø      Significant public interest.

Working Group with the following members; Cllrs. Webb, Pasley and Dr. Kellaway-Marriott to look into Transferring of Parking Services.

Parking in town centres currently under review, Panel to investigate afterwards.


Bristol International Airport

Examine the local benefits and concerns surrounding the expansion plans.

Ø      Of significant interest to local people.

Ø      The issue potentially has a huge impact on the people, landscape and infrastructure of North Somerset. 

Members have received an initial briefing.  Now waiting for the Airport to submit their plans. 

Awaiting submission of plans. 

Motorway Junctions

Specific points on the road such as crossings and junction 19 and 21.


The Panel is aware that the Executive Member is looking at some of these issues. 


Weston Regeneration