Item 6.1 - 12/P/0135/F         Reinstatement of a dwelling at Whitley Head House, Plot 1363 Whitley Head, Banwell


Further clarification about extent of conversion: The applicant has indicated that he wishes to retain the single storey stone extension on the west side of proposed dwelling and the two-storey corrugated barn on the east side of the building.


Officer comments: The retention of these two structures are not shown on the submitted plans for retention and conversion. The applicant has been advised that whilst the retention of single storey stone extension on the west side of proposed dwelling would be acceptable if the principle of the conversion was acceptable, the retention of the two-storey corrugated barn on the east side of the building would not be acceptable.


If Members are minded to support the recommendation of the South Area Committee and resolve to grant planning permission it is recommended that it is only on the basis that officers negotiate amendments (4) in the Committee report and the following additional amendment to the proposal with the applicant :-


  • The retention of single storey stone extension on the west side of proposed dwelling and its conversion to an appropriate use.


Also that proposed Condition 2 (in Appendix 3) is amended to delete “the existing single storey stone extension attached to the west side of the main building and” “both” and change structure(s) and extension(s) to singular.


Item 6.2 – 12/P/0418/F        Retrospective application for erection of extension to existing building to form reception and golf shop and the formation of a car park area and access track at Bleadon Hill Golf Course, land off Roman Road, Bleadon


Residential use and occupation of the Golf clubhouse: At the site inspection the issue of the residential occupation of the flat in the clubhouse was raised. The agent indicated that they would allow the clubhouse to be inspected and ascertain the current position.


The Council's Enforcement Officer visited the site on several occasions to inspect the interior of the clubhouse building and he did not observe any evidence of residential occupation taking place within the building when he visited.  The Enforcement Officer inspected the interior of the building on 17 June 2011 and there was no evidence of occupation then. Enforcement Officers have, however, visited and inspected the building this morning and confirmed that there is no furniture in the building and no evidence of any residential occupation or use of the clubhouse.


The Enforcement Officers who visited and inspected the building this morning confirmed (as Members have been advised) that the building is substantially completed.


Retail Sales: It is considered that the proposed retail sales from the shop should be restricted to golf products because an unrestricted retail use would not normally be allowed in such a location. The only retail sales in the shop are golf related products. This can be controlled by a condition (3).


Dust: Members were concerned about the amount of dust from the use of the access to the neighbours and considered that the applicant should control this. It is considered that this can be done by way of a condition (4).


Change to recommendation: That the following additional conditions 3 and 4  be added to the planning permission:


3          The premises hereby permitted shall be used for the purpose of a golf shop only selling equipment, products and clothing specifically designed for and used for golf and for no other purpose (including any other purpose in Class (A1) of the Schedule to the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987 or in any provision equivalent to that Class in any statutory instrument amending, revoking and/or re-enacting that Order. The retail use shall cease immediately should the golf course cease to operate.


            Reason: The site is an isolated rural location where retail uses normally found in town centres are not permitted except with specific justification, in accordance with Policies CS33 and CS 21 of the Core Strategy.


4.         The surface of the access track shall be maintained in a good state of repair and reasonable steps shall be taken to prevent dust occurring from its use.


Reason: To ensure adequate access is provided in the interest of highway safety and the local environment and to protect the occupiers of the near by properties in accordance with Policies T/10 of the North Somerset Replacement Local Plan and Policy CS3 of the Core Strategy.


5.         Approved plans (previously condition 3).