Contact:        Sue Efford

Direct Dial:   01275 884244


Date:              20th July 2011




** Supplementary Despatch








Dear Sir or Madam


Planning and Regulatory Committee

Wednesday, 25th July 2012, 4pm, New Council Chamber, Town Hall


I refer to the agenda for the above meeting and attach for your attention a reference from Council on 17th July 2012 for consideration under agenda item 5 (Matters referred by Council, the Executive, other Committees and Panels) as follows:


5.1       The Localism Act 2011 and the Code of Conduct (COU 40)

Members are asked to refer to the report to the Council meeting on 17th July 2012 (agenda item 22).


Yours faithfully





Head of Legal and Democratic Services



To:       Members of the Committee




Ian Porter (Chairman), Bob Cook (Vice-Chairman), Bob Bateman, Peter Bryant, Andy Cole, Jill Iles, David Jolley, Alan McMurray, David Pasley, Robert Payne, David Poole (substitute for Marcia Pepperall), Terry Porter, David Shopland, Clive Webb