North Area Committee


13 September 2012


Draft Minute Extract



Part 1 Recommendations to the Planning and Regulatory Committee





Planning Application No. 12/P/0877/F Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of 14 residential dwellings, car parking landscaping and associated infrastructure at 1 Station Road, Pill (Agenda Item 5.1)


The Director of Development and Environment reported on an application for planning permission. The Committee was updated with any information received after the dispatch of the agenda and reports.


Recommended: that the application be refused for the following reasons:


1. The proposals would result in increased congestion in the vicinity of Station Road and surrounding roads contrary to Policy T/10 of the North Somerset Replacement Plan.


2. The proposal would result in a density of development that would exceed that identified as a target density in the Core Strategy and does not provide an adequate mix of size and tenure and together would therefore contribute to an unbalanced community in the area, with adverse impacts on the character and appearance of the area. It is therefore contrary to policies CS14 and CS32 of the Core Strategy.


3. There is an identified local need for affordable housing but it would not be met by this development as the applicant would be unable to guarantee that priority would be given to local people in accordance with Policy CS16 of the Core Strategy.