Committee Report NSC



North Somerset Council


REPORT TO THE Planning and Regulatory committee


Date of Meeting: 26 September 2012


SUBJECT OF REPORT: PLANNING APPLICATION NO. 12/P/1013/F For An Increase in ridge height to facilitate a loft conversion at Tawny House, Butcombe Lane, Butcombe


Town or parish: Butcombe




Key Decision: no




That the application be REFUSED in accordance with the officer’s recommendation to the Central Area Committee.



The application was referred to Committee by the Vice-Chairman of the Planning and Regulatory Committee at the Central Area Committee which was held on 13 September 2012.


2.      Summary of Report


The application seeks full permission to increase the roof height of the western section of the dwelling to facilitate a loft conversion and the addition of 2 bedrooms. The roof will be increased in height by 1.1 metres.


Relevant policy considerations are set out in the officer’s report to the Central Area Committee dated the 13 September 2012 which is attached at Appendix 1.


3.      Details


The application was reported to the Central Area Committee on 13 September 2012 with a recommendation of refusal for the reasons as set out in the Area Committee report. 


Members of the Central Area Committee recommended to this committee that the application be approved contrary to the officer's recommendation of refusal for the following reasons:


Members considered that the proposed increase in the roof height would be small in scale and will not have a significantly greater impact upon the character of the countryside compared to that of the existing building and would not be a disproportionate addition. The development is therefore appropriate within the Green Belt and will not harm the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and complies with policies RD/2, ECH/8, GDP/3, H/8 and RD/3 of the North Somerset Replacement Local Plan and policies CS12, CS33, CS5 and CS6 of the Core Strategy.


The report to the Central Area committee set out the relevant issues and these were considered in the planning report which is attached in Appendix 1 and which was decided on 13 September 2011. 


The impact on the development on the character of the area and Mendip Hills AONB is dealt with in Issue 1 of the Committee report and the impact on the green belt is dealt with in Issue 2.


If Members are minded to support the recommendation of the South Area Committee and resolve to grant permission a list of recommended conditions is set out in Appendix 2.


4.      Consultation


Consultation responses are set out in the Area Committee report and the Area Committee update sheet (Appendix 1 to this report).


5.      Financial Implications


In the event of an appeal, the Council is at risk of an award of costs against it if it cannot justify its decision on the basis of Development Plan policy or other material considerations.




Equality issues are taken into account in all planning decisions.


7.      Corporate Implications


As set out in the Area Committee report.


8.      Options considered


Planning applications can either be approved or refused.




Steven Sims – Planning Officer– Development and Environment


Background Papers


Appendix 1: Central Area Committee report 13 September 2012 and update sheet

Appendix 2: Suggested Conditions