Adult Services and Housing

Central Area Committee


13 September 2012


Draft Extract





Planning Application No. 12/P/1013/F - Increase in ridge height to facilitate a loft conversion at Tawny House, Butcombe Road, Butcombe (Agenda Item 5.2)


The Director of Development and Environment reported on an application for planning permission. The Committee was updated with any information received after the dispatch of the agenda and reports.


Prior to the vote having been taken Councillor Bob Cook exercised his right under the Constitution to refer the matter to the Planning & Regulatory Committee for determination should the Area Committee decide to approve the application, because of the significant policy implications arising from such a decision.


Members considered that because the proposal was small in scale it would not have a significantly greater impact than the existing building and would not be disproportionate.  Thus it was considered to be appropriate development within the Green Belt.


Recommended to the Planning and Regulatory Committee:  that the application be approved subject to appropriate conditions that would ensure the following:-


That the development would be begun within three years;

That the existing roof tiles would be re-used, or if necessary that matching tiles would be used instead;

That the walling materials used would match the existing stonework;

That the new roofline would be maintained at the agreed level.