Adult Services and Housing

South Area Committee


18 October 2012


Draft Extract



Planning Application No. 12/P/0906/F Erection of 65no. dwellings with associated garage/car parking and associated accesses, landscaping and engineering works following demolition of existing buildings at former Quadron Services Depot land to north of Mendip Road, Weston-super-Mare (Agenda Item 5.1)


The Director of Development and Environment reported on an application for planning permission.


The representative of the Director of Development and Environment drew Membersí attention to the update sheet, a copy of which is filed on the Minute Book, and in particular to the revised recommendation.


††††††††††††††††††††† In considering the proposal the Committee expressed concern about loss of the employment site, the densities proposed, insufficient parking provision and the impact the development would have on adjoining businesses.As the decision of the Area Committee was not in accordance with the officersí recommendation the application was referred to the Planning & Regulatory Committee for determination, in accordance with the provisions of Part 3.2 of the Constitution.


Recommended to the Planning & Regulatory Committee: that the application be refused for the following reasons:


1†††††† The proposal fails to have sufficient regard to the Councilís employment-led approach designed to achieve a more sustainable alignment between jobs and the economically active population in Weston-super Mare. The failure to provide an element of employment provision as part of this scheme would frustrate the key objective of improving self-containment and reducing out-commuting. The proposal is, therefore contrary to Policy CS20 of the North Somerset Core Strategy 2012.

2††††††††† The scale of the development proposed is an overdevelopment of the site and would lead to an unacceptable impact on traffic conditions on Mendip Road to the detriment of traffic movement and highway safety. The proposal is therefore contrary to Policy T/10 of the North Somerset Replacement Local Plan.

3††††††††† The close proximity of the proposed gardens of plots 5 to 11 to the existing horse stables and car-repair business on Sandford Road is likely to result in pressure from the new residents to exert additional controls on existing business activities to an extent that it would impact on the viability of the businesses. The submitted housing layout therefore fails to have regard to Policy H/7 of the North Somerset Replacement Local Plan and Policy CS3 of the North Somerset Core Strategy 2012.