Adult Services and Housing

North Area Committee


11 November 2012


Draft Extract



Part 1 Recommendations to the Planning and Regulatory Committee




Application 12/P/0714/HAZ Hazardous substance consent for the storage of high flash distillates (aviation fuel kerosene) (minimum flashpoint 38 degrees Celsius) within 3 no. existing tanks Redcliffe Bay, PSD, Down Road, Portishead (Agenda Item 5.1)


The Director of Development and Environment reported on an application for planning permission.


The representative of the Director of Development and Environment updated the Committee as detailed in the update with any information received after the despatch of the agenda and reports.


Resolved: that the application be refused for the following reason:



The application has insufficient information on the safety aspects to demonstrate that the use of the three tanks would not result in an unacceptable safety risk to local residents.