North Area Committee

Central Area Committee


17 January 2013


Draft Extract






Planning Application No. 12/P/2068/F Creation of new car parking to provide 173 spaces related to the existing GE operation with associated bunding and landscaping at GE Oil and Gas, High Street, Nailsea (Agenda Item 5.3)


The Director of Development & Environment reported on an application for planning permission that had been considered by the North Area Committee earlier in the day, and was now reported for information purposes to the Central Area Committee.


Advising Members that the Vice-Chairman of the Planning & Regulatory Committee had referred the application to the Planning & Regulatory Committee for determination, the representative of the Director of Development and Environment drew Members’ attention to the update sheet a copy of which is filed on the Minute Book.


Members expressed disappointment that, given the proximity of the site to Nailsea and the fact that the applicant’s existing operation was located within the town, the Central Area Committee had not been consulted on the proposal prior to its consideration by the North Area Committee.  The representative of the Director of Development and Environment apologised unreservedly for this oversight. Commenting on his reservations about the proposed departure from the Council’s Green Belt policies Councillor Cook explained that by his referral of the matter to the Planning & Regulatory Committee, the views of the Central Area Committee could now be made known and taken into consideration prior to the Planning & Regulatory Committee’s determination of the application.




1)      that the Committee would have been minded to approve the application had it been given the opportunity to comment on the proposal;


2)      that the sentiments expressed by the North Area Committee be endorsed regarding (1) the necessity for meaningful dialogue to secure an alternative solution, and (2) reconsideration of the surfacing treatments proposed for the green belt site, given the temporary nature of the permission;


3)      that subject to no alternative solution being found the Planning & Regulatory Committee be recommended to approve the application subject to the conditions set out in the report and the additional conditions proposed, taking into consideration the concerns expressed about the proposed surfacing treatment.