Adult Services and Housing

South Area Committee


20 September 2012






Planning Application No. 12/P/1053/F - Sub-division of existing properties to form 19 no. self-contained flats comprising 13 no. 2 bed and 6 no. 1 bed units. Erection of 6 no. additional new dwellings to rear comprising 2 no. 2 bed and 3 no. 3 bed dwellings at 85-91 Bristol Road Lower (Agenda Item 5.2)


The Director of Development and Environment reported on an application for planning permission.


The representative of the Development & Environment drew Members’ attention to the update sheet, a copy of which is filed on the Minute Book, and in particular to the revised recommendation.


In discussing the application the Committee concluded that the proposal represented inappropriate development.  As the decision of the Area Committee was not in accordance with the officers’ recommendation the application was referred to the Planning & Regulatory Committee for determination.

Recommended to the Planning & Regulatory Committee:


1)      that the application be refused for the following reasons:


          1. The proposal represents an inappropriate form of development which, by reason of its design and density would detract from the established spacious character of the neighbourhood, contrary to policy GDP/3 of the adopted North Somerset Local Plan and policy CS12 of the adopted North Somerset Core Strategy.

2. The proposal, by creating a substantial community within the plots of two former dwellings would fail to integrate the development within the neighbourhood, contrary to policy CS15 of the adopted North Somerset Core Strategy.

3. The proposed scheme fails to provide adequate off-street parking in accordance with the policy and standards of provision adopted by the Council on 21 November 2011 as the emerging standard for the adopted Core Strategy.


2)      that the Planning & Regulatory Committee be invited to consider an extension to the Conservation Area as a matter of urgency, to incorporate this part of Lower Bristol Road.