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Date:              3rd May 2016














Dear Sir or Madam


Planning & Regulatory Committee

Wednesday, 11th May 2016, 2.30 pm, New Council Chamber, Town Hall


A meeting of the Committee will take place as indicated above.  The agenda is set out overleaf. 



Yours faithfully





Head of Legal and Democratic Services





To:       Members of the Committee




Peter Crew (Chairman), Jill Iles (Vice-Chairman), Elfan Ap Rees, Felicity Baker, Jan Barber, Chris Blades, Mary Blatchford, Peter Bryant, Mark Canniford, Charles Cave, Robert Cleland, Andy Cole, John Crockford-Hawley, Bob Garner, Reyna Knight, Tom Leimdorfer, John Ley-Morgan, Richard Nightingale, David Pasley, Dawn Payne, Terry Porter, David Shopland, Richard Tucker, Liz Wells, Martin Williams



This document and associated papers can be made available in a different format on request


1          Public Speaking at Planning Committee(s)(Standing Order 17 & 17A)

To receive and hear any person who wishes to address the Committee.  The Chairman will select the order of the matters to be heard.  Each speaker will be limited to a period of five minutes for public participation on non-planning matters (up to a maximum of 30 minutes) and three minutes for the applicant/supporters and three minutes for objectors on a planning application (up to a maximum of 30 minutes).


If there is more than one person wishing to object to an application, the Chairman will invite those persons to agree a spokesperson among themselves.  In default of agreement the Chairman may select one person to speak.


2          Apologies for Absence and Notification of Substitutes


3          Declaration of Disclosable Pecuniary Interest (Standing Order 37)

A Member must declare any disclosable pecuniary interest where it relates to any matter being considered at the meeting. A declaration of a disclosable pecuniary interest should indicate the interest and the agenda item to which it relates. A Member is not permitted to participate in this agenda item by law and should immediately leave the meeting before the start of any debate.


If the Member leaves the Chamber in respect of a declaration, he or she should ensure that the Chairman is aware of this before he or she leaves to enable their exit from the meeting to be recorded in the minutes in accordance with Standing Order 37.


4          Minutes 13 April 2016 - to approve as a correct record


5          Matters referred by Council, the Executive, other Committees etc. (if any)


6          Planning Application No. 16/P/0462/F Continued use of land as 173 space car park for use by GE and retention of associated bunding and landscaping (previously granted temporary consent ref: 12/P/20168/F) at GE Oil & Gas, High Street, Nailsea

Section 1 report of the Director of Development and Environment


7          Planning Application No. 15/P/0291/F Erection of an Industrial Test Facility building (1000 sq metres) and a four storey office building (3500 sq metres) incorporating ancillary welfare, amenity and meeting facilities following demolition of existing portacabins.  Construction of car parking provision at GE Oil & Gas, High Street, Nailsea

Section 1 report of the Director of Development and Environment


8          Planning Application No. 15/P/2304/F Change of use of land from a mixed use of agriculture and seasonal car boot sales to use as a Holiday Lodge and caravan site at land at Accommodation Road, Bleadon

Section 1 report of the Director of Development and Environment


9          Planning Application No. 15/P/2174/F Use of the land for the stationing of caravans for residential purposes for 5 no. gypsy caravan pitches together with the formation of additional hardstanding and ancillary day rooms land at Heathfield, Weston Road, Hewish

Section 1 report of the Director of Development and Environment


10        Planning Application No. 15/P/0983/O Outline application with all matters reserved except access for up to 50 dwellings with associated parking, hard/soft  landscaping  and open space, drainage and infrastructure on land at Wentwood Drive, Weston-super-Mare

Section 2 report of the Director of Development and Environment


11        Planning Application No. 16/P/0579/F Retrospective application to make 12x15m area of field (already used for horse turnout) into all-weather surface for horse turnout. Remove topsoil, add stone (approx 3 ins depth) and sand approx 4-5 ins) Add 12 m post and rail fence 9 inc gate) marked A-b on plan at Hengaston Barn, Gatcombe Lane, Long Ashton

Section 2 report of the Director of Development and Environment


12        Planning Application No. 15/P/2100/O Outline application for erection of up to 16 dwellings and associated car parking and access, vehicular access to be provided by existing site entrances with appearance, layout, scale and landscaping reserved for subsequent approval at land off Elm Walk, Battens Orchard, Portishead

            Section 2 report of the Director of Development & Environment


13        Planning Appeals

Section 3 report of the Director of Development and Environment


14        Urgent Business permitted by the Local Government Act 1972

Any item of business which the Chairman is of the opinion should be considered at the meeting as a matter of urgency by reason of special circumstances (to be specified in the Minutes).  For a matter to be considered as an urgent item, the following question must be addressed: “What harm to the public interest would flow from leaving it until the next meeting?” If harm can be demonstrated, then it is open to the Chairman to rule that it be considered as urgent.  Otherwise the matter cannot be considered urgent within the statutory provisions.






Exempt Items

Should the Committee wish to consider a matter as an Exempt Item, the Committee will be invited to pass the following resolution –


“(1)      That the press, public, and officers not required by the Members, the Chief Executive or the Director, to remain during the exempt session, be excluded from the meeting during consideration of the following item of business on the ground that its consideration will involve the disclosure of exempt information as defined in Section 100I of the Local Government Act 1972.”


Also, if appropriate, the following resolution should be passed –


“(2)      That members of the Council who are not members of this Committee be invited to remain.”


Mobile phones, PDAs and other mobile devices

All persons attending the meeting are requested to ensure that these devices are switched to silent mode. The chairman may approve an exception to this request in special circumstances.


Filming and Recording of Meetings

The proceedings of this meeting may be recorded for broadcasting purposes.

Anyone wishing to film part or all of the proceedings may do so unless the press and public are excluded for that part of the meeting or there is good reason not to do so, as directed by the Chairman. Any filming must be done as unobtrusively as possible from a single fixed position without the use of any additional lighting, focusing only on those actively participating in the meeting and having regard to the wishes of any members of the public present who may not wish to be filmed. As a matter of courtesy, anyone wishing to film proceedings is asked to advise the Chairman or the Head of Legal and Democratic Service’s representative before the start of the meeting so that all those present may be made aware that it is happening.


Members of the public may also use Facebook and Twitter or other forms of social media to report on proceedings at this meeting.


Emergency Evacuation Procedure

ON HEARING THE ALARM – (a continuous two tone siren)

Leave the room by the nearest exit door.    Ensure that windows are closed.

Last person out to close the door.

Do Not stop to collect personal belongings.

Do Not use the lifts.

Follow the green and white exit signs and make your way to the assembly point.

Do Not re-enter the building until authorised to do so by the Fire Authority.

Go to Assembly Point C – Outside the offices formerly occupied by Stephen & Co