Text Box: 4.1



of the Meeting of the

Community and Corporate Organisation Policy & Scrutiny Panel

Tuesday, 1st November 2016

held at the Town Hall, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.


Meeting Commenced:2.30 pm†††† Meeting Concluded: 4.48 pm




PTerry Porter (Chairman)

PDavid Oyns (Vice-Chairman)


PPeter Burden

PMark Canniford

AJames Clayton

PSarah Codling

PPeter Crew

PBob Garner

AColin Hall

PJohn Ley-Morgan

PRichard Nightingale

PJerry O'Brien



P: Present

A: Apologies for absence submitted


Other Councillors in attendance:Felicity Baker, Chris Blades, David Jolley, Ann Harley, Kate Stowey


Officers in attendance:Mandy Bishop, Nicholas Brain, Sioux Isherwood, Mike Jackson, Philippa Penney, Mike Riggall, Paul Stickley





Declarations of Interest by Members







Minutes of the Meeting held on 12th July 2016 (Agenda Item 4.1)


††††††††††† Resolved: that the minutes of the meeting be approved as a correct record.





Community Access Review (Agenda Item 6)


††††††††††† The Assistant Director (Operations) presented the report and provided details of the Community Access Review Phase 1 consultation and engagement activity.

††††††††††† Phase 1 covered 7 localities, all of which had been included in an extensive and comprehensive 3 month consultation.Responses were being analysed and collated in advance of consideration by the Executive on 6th December, although emerging themes had been found to include: communities being supportive of both library and childrenís centre services; support for extended opening hours through self-service Ė particularly those running businesses from home; and a general understanding that in order to retain services we have to change.The December report would also include detail of the financial implications.


††††††††††† Members considered a number of issues, including: that libraries were being viewed more as community based facilities and a delivery point for services; security issues regarding unmanned facilities; and that further detail of the financial implications would be included in the December Executive report.


††††††††††† The Chairman and Panel Members thanked the Assistant Director for such a comprehensive and engaging approach with Members throughout the progress of the review.


††††††††††† Concluded: that the Panel received the detail of the Community Access Review Phase 1 consultation and engagement activity and agreed further engagement as the review progressed.





Public Space Protection Orders (Agenda Item 7)


††††††††††† The Chairman of the Community Response Working Group presented the report.The introduction of Public Space Protection Orders were to replace existing Dog Control Orders and Designated Public Protection Orders.The consolidated list now being considered had been subject to a previous workshop for all Councillors and also a further meeting of the working group.


††††††††††† Agreement was given to a robust approach to dog fouling and other identified anti-social activities.


††††††††††† Members thanked officers for the thorough and genuine engagement prior to commencement of the consultation period.


Concluded: that the Panel supported the undertaking of a formal public consultation on the proposals list as discussed.





ICT Transformation Programme (Agenda Item 8)


††††††††††† The Client ICT Manager presented the report, summarising the activities of the ICT Transformation Programme ahead of the closure of the programme now that the summarised activities had been completed.The focus would then shift to business as usual, with an agreed extensive plan of activity to improve performance and resolve any continuing issues.


††††††††††† Members discussed a number of broader issues, including: the excellent IT support being provided for Members; improvements to the planning portal; the automated telephony system; online green waste bin ordering; and the encouragement of channel shift to use of the website.In discussing the new planning portal development, the Chief Executive assured the panel that this would also provide an opportunity to ensure that the business processes were as sensible and efficient as could be.It was agreed that a number of the issues raised would be considered further by the Membersí IT Steering Group at their next meeting.


††††††††††† Members thanked the Client ICT Manager for such a full and comprehensive report, which was honest in addressing the challenge presented by such a major programme.The large scale of the task had been recognised and congratulations were deserved in its achievement.


Concluded: that the Panel noted the imminent completion of the councilís ICT Transformation Programme and received confidence from the ongoing work that would see further improvement in performance and reliability of systems going forwards.





Scrutiny New Ways of Working (Agenda Item 9)


††††††††††† The Chairman of the Panel presented the report.The response to the new ways of working was encouraging even at this early stage.It was generally felt that the creation of Lead Members was working well, giving parameters and manageability to their workloads.


††††††††††† Members discussed the Forward Plan, which had been recently improved to include detail of background documents, to which any feedback would be gratefully received.


††††††††††† Concluded: that the Panel endorse the review questionnaire to be sent to all Members





The Panelís Work Plan (Agenda Item 10)


††††††††††† Members discussed the workplan and noted progress in a number of areas.


††††††††††† The terms of reference for the Waste Scrutiny Steering Group had been updated to include implementation of the new waste contract and also engagement in the Waste Strategy review due in 2017.


††††††††††† The Community Response Working Group was looking at the joint working arrangements in the Gateway, and the Digital First Working Group was pursuing issues arising from the automated Council Connect, digital inclusion measures in relation to the website and on-line reporting.Members will be involved in some formal user testing, but the Chairman encouraged them to undertake their own testing of the system.


††††††††††† The Chairman gave the latest position on the roll-out of Super Broadband as provided by the Broadband and Digital Business Development Manager.


††††††††††† Concluded: that the work plan be received and updated as agreed




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