of the Meeting of the

Licensing Sub-Committee

Thursday, 4th April 2019

held at the Town Hall, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.


Meeting Commenced:  10am          Meeting Concluded: 11:45am




P  Felicity Baker 

P  Jill Iles 

P  James Tonkin 




P: Present

A: Apologies for absence submitted


Officers in attendance:  Caz Horton (Development & Environment), Sara Saunders, Solicitor & Senior Legal Adviser (Corporate Services), Kellie Trego (Development & Environment)




Election of Chairman for the meeting (Agenda item 1)

Resolved: that Councillor Baker be elected as Chairman for the meeting.


Councillor Mrs Baker in the Chair




Declaration of Disclosable Pecuniary Interest (Standing Order 37)






Adoption of Hearing Procedures (Agenda item 4)

Resolved: that the hearing procedures be adopted.




Review of Street Trading Consent: Claire Hicks trading as Number One, from A38 lay-by, Dundry  (Agenda item 5)


The Director of Development & Environment reported on a review of a street trading consent. The Licensing Officer presented her report outlining the reasons for the review and responded to questions. The Street Trader concerned did not attend the hearing but instead had submitted written explanation of why the outstanding Street Trading fees had not been paid.


Resolved: that the Street Trading Consent be revoked and recovery of the outstanding amounts be continued.




LA 2003 Review of Premises Licence: Deniz’s, 9 James Street, Weston-super-Mare BS23 1SS  (Agenda item 6)


The Director of Development & Environment reported on a review of a premises licence. The Licensing Officer presented her report and responded to questions. Mr Andy Jones, the Police Licensing Officer outlined the reasons for Avon & Somerset Police bringing the Review to a hearing, and the non-compliance of the Licence Holder to adhere to the conditions on the licence. Mr Jones then responded to questions.


Ms Ayesha Guldede, Mr Guldede’s daughter, addressed the Sub-Committee on behalf of her father, and then responded to questions from the Sub-Committee and the Police Licensing Officer.


Resolved: that the Premises Licence be suspended for three months with immediate effect. After the three month suspension, the licence will only be reinstated if the following conditions are met:

1.      That a permanent contract is entered into with an accredited ACS Security firm to provide SIA door staff. The Licensing Committee would prefer that the company employed is PPI Security.

2.      That Nitenet radio is installed and operational during opening hours.

3.      That the accredited ACS SIA door staff be on duty from midnight on Friday and Saturday nights until close, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve from midnight until close, and any time at the written request of the Police or Council Licensing Officers.