The Executive

Start Wednesday, 29 April 2020, 2.30pm
Location Virtual Meeting
Contact: Sue Efford
Direct Dial: 01275 884244
Date: 21 April 2020

** Virtual Meeting

The Executive
29 April 2020, 14:30, Virtual meeting by Teams

A meeting of the Executive will take place as indicated above. Councillors will be sent a Teams Meeting invitation to place the meeting in their Calendar and can then access the meeting from the link in that calendar item.

Please Note that any member of the press and public may listen-in to proceedings at this ‘virtual’ meeting via the weblink below –


Members of the Executive

Donald Davies (Chairman), Mike Bell (Vice-Chairman), Mark Canniford, Ashley Cartman, Caritas Charles, Catherine Gibbons, Bridget Petty, James Tonkin

All other Members of the Council (for information)

Exempt items

Should the Executive wish to consider a matter as an Exempt Item, the following resolution should be passed -

“(1) That the press, public, and officers not required by the Members, the Chief Executive or the Director, to remain during the exempt session, be excluded from the meeting during consideration of the following item of business on the ground that its consideration will involve the disclosure of exempt information as defined in Section 100I of the Local Government Act 1972.”

Also, if appropriate, the following resolution should be passed –

“(2) That members of the Council who are not members of the Executive be invited to remain.”

Mobile phones and other mobile devices

All persons attending the meeting are requested to ensure that these devices are switched to silent mode. The chairman may approve an exception to this request in special circumstances.

Filming and recording of meetings

The proceedings of this meeting may be recorded for broadcasting purposes.

Anyone wishing to film part or all of the proceedings may do so unless the press and public are excluded for that part of the meeting or there is good reason not to do so, as directed by the Chairman.

Members of the public may also use Facebook and Twitter or other forms of social media to report on proceedings at this meeting.

Agenda Items

  1. Addresses by members of the public (amended process in lieu of ESO 6)
    The Executive, at the discretion of the Chairman, will receive submissions from up to four people, each of whom must be a resident or a business ratepayer or an elector, on matters that affect the area or its residents and over which the Executive has powers and duties. The Chairman will select the order for consideration of the matters to be received. Each submission should be limited to a length not exceeding two sides of A4 paper.

    Requests to submit submissions must be made in writing to the Head of Legal and Democratic Services, or the officer mentioned at top of this agenda letter, by noon on the day before the meeting and the request must detail the subject matter of the address.

  2. Apologies for absence

  3. Declaration of disclosable pecuniary interest (Standing Order 37)
    A Member must declare any disclosable pecuniary interest where it relates to any matter being considered at the meeting. A declaration of a disclosable pecuniary interest should indicate the interest and the agenda item to which it relates. A Member is not permitted to participate in this agenda item by law and should immediately leave the meeting before the start of any debate.

    If the Member leaves the meeting in respect of a declaration, he or she should ensure that the Chairman is aware of this before he or she leaves to enable their exit from the meeting to be recorded in the minutes in accordance with Standing Order 37.

  4. Minutes
    5 February 2020, to approve as a correct record (attached)

  5. Non-Executive Councillors' Addresses
    Non-Executive Councillors wishing to address the Executive are required to notify the contact officer mentioned at the top of this summons letter by noon on the day before the meeting. A total of fifteen minutes will be allocated to hear all addresses.

  6. Matters referred to the Executive and not dealt with elsewhere on this agenda

  7. West of England Sub-Region: items not dealt with elsewhere on this agenda

  8. Forward Plan dated 2 April 2020

  9. Challenges and Choices - New Local Plan Consultation
    Report of Councillor Tonkin (attached)

  10. MetroWest Phase 1 Update - Budget, Professional Services Contracts and Procurement Approvals
    Report of Councillor Tonkin (attached)

  11. Locking Parklands GP Surgery - Award of Construction Contract
    Report of Councillor Cartman (attached)

  12. Expansion of Westhaven Special School to accommodate Post-16 pupils aged 16-19
    Report of the Director of People and Communities (attached)

  13. Approval of Better Care Fund Plan 2019/20
    Report of the Director of People and Communities (attached)

  14. Month 11 Budget Monitor 2019/20
    Report of the Interim Director of Finance and Property (attached)

  15. Report from Policy and Scrutiny

  16. Oral reports of Executive Councillors
    Executive Councillors might report orally on matters in progress. Such reports will be for information only and no material decisions can be made arising from them.

  17. Urgent business permitted by the Local Government Act 1972 (if any)
    For a matter to be considered as an urgent item, the following question must be addressed: “What harm to the public interest would flow from leaving it until the next meeting?” If harm can be demonstrated, then it is open to the Chairman to rule that it be considered as urgent. Otherwise the matter cannot be considered urgent within the statutory provisions.